Rock This Life is an online fashion boutique for women who are rocking, living and loving fashion. We cater to fearless, fun and feisty individuals, like you, by offering the clothes and accessories that compliment your individual style. The boutique is the brainchild of Tanaysia Phelps, who rocks her life through fashion. She handpicks each item, so she can proudly present you with the best quality and creative style choices. And while some of the looks are celebrity inspired, no one can rock it like you. As a contributing stylist (ahem, sales clerk) for Wet Seal, Forever 21 and New York and Company, she was driven by her passion to help customers choose the most flattering outfits. That same urge drives her to thumb through every fashion magazine on the planet for inspiration to find clothes to make you sizzling hot. Aside from fashion, she is crazy about her son, and is a reality TV junkie. She left her birthplace of Chicago to attend Bethune-Cookman University (BCU) in Daytona Beach. There she received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. After graduating from BCU, she moved to San Diego, California to fulfill a dream. She returned to Chicago where the company is based, and uses her keen sense of style to help you Rock This Life.